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R. E. Powers & Company, LLC was established to capitalize on over 30 years of established relationships in the insurance defense industry. The principals in the firm are acknowledged leaders in claims management. This is achieved with our staff of highly experienced claim professionals.

A claims firm is only as good as the people it hires. Over the years we have developed the unique ability to acquire and maintain the most experienced staff of skilled and motivated professionals in our area.

We have created a positive work environment where people are dedicated to provide the best service to our clients.

We offer a full range of claims services anywhere from full in-depth investigations to limited assignments. Our servicing area includes:

Ventura County
North Los Angles County,
Santa Barbara
San Luis Obispo
Kern County

We have numerous time-honored relationships within the defense industry. Our clients include most of the current leaders in the insurance marketplace. Also, our relationships include most of the name-recognized defense law firms, brokerage houses and self-insured entities.

Claims Knowledge
Our knowledge base includes investigative and claims management expertise in most aspects of casualty claims handling. See the Claims Page

Our trademark! We are able to meet your needs for quick response to claims. Our "best practices" commit us to immediate contact and prompt investigations. We provide an immediate acknowledgement and follow ups on all assignments.

We recognize that quick action is the key to effective and cost effective claim handling.

The principals are highly experienced claim managers. Not only do we understand the fundamentals of investigations we understand "Risk". We are qualified Risk Managers and have developed a great deal of insight in the overall management of claims and the unique needs of brokers, underwriters and loss control.

We have written claims reporting manuals, handling procedures and provide training to many of our clients. We are proud of the trust developed over the years among our client base.

We are in the communication business. We firmly believe that quality and timely communication with our clients is the key to success in the business of claims.

We provide reports electronically in Microsoft™ Word or Adobe™ Acrobat formats

Our adjusters use digital cameras and pictures are transmitted electronically.

We have a UCLA Certified Spanish language adjuster on staff for your needs.

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